About Cup&Cake

My name is Yolanda (AKA. the Cookie Monster) and the “icing-bug” bit me when I started to make birthday cakes for my two girls.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided, to make & bake a cake only twice a year, it was certainly not enough at all. So I attended my first basic icing course and the teacher invited me to come to one of the SACDG (South African Cake Decorator’s Guild) meetings. 


I was hooked!  I immediately joined the guild and started icing in all earnest.  I ventured into doing birthday cakes for my friend's children, receiving great reviews, and gained more and more confidence. I started to attend weekly classes with Ann Carstens.  She is an absolutely fabulous teacher & I am really enjoying every moment of it! This year I will be doing the Theoretical Assessment for Instructors, in basic cake decorating and sugar art techniques with the Guild.


I entered my first SACDG competition in August 2010, with a little trepidation (since I’m a total perfectionist), but was blown away when I won a gold prize for it! Click here to see the cake. And this year I entered an SACDG competition in Benoni, and won silver. Click here to see the cake.


The more experience, learning and experimenting I gain with cake decorating and sugar art, the more I find it is something that I truly enjoy.  I love modeling & always welcome a new challenge! Detail, I believe, is the real gift of love that you buy from me. I promise that I will not sell you a product that I am not willing to buy myself.


All the cakes are baked from scratch, ensuring fresh ingredients and taste.  The recipes are the same ones that I grew up with, so, it’s really tried and tested. I prefer to stick to the basics, of chocolate and vanilla cake bases, with fruitcake base for Christmas. 


The types of icing, from which you can choose, are butter-cream icing, sugar-paste, rolled butter-cream, royal icing, chocolate & fondant. Also I have started petit fours, cookies & gingerbread men.


All orders need at least a week’s notice, and if there is a lot of modeling that needs to be done, 2 to 3 weeks would be fabulous! 


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